-33 The Passion

Hello! Yes, it is the passion that makes things lighter. No matter if you work uninterruptedly for years, the effort is relative …. only drawback … the days pass you by. Our four working tables are divided normally  by task , but now they are full of EGO, upgrade, set-up and open experiments … All was becoming a bit shambolic. In fact today: setup and reorder of the situation. OKay, we fail to bring and do everything we wanted but we have to be ductile, we  will to do well even with a plan B. We have many deliveries for Christmas and we do not want to
disappoint anyone. Our customers are
very important. The EGO for NAMM are all finished as construction and  necessary to “ONLY”
assemble. The part that i personally love is when separate components, apparently  unnecessary, become one perfect identity, designed to perform multiple tasks. The birth in any case is an almost magical event. And we are the chain of it all, Cool! Davide

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