-35 is It’s time for miracles!

Ahrg! Time is relentless. It allows no delay. Today we must ask for a miracle to LIFEISCOLOR our partner in special finishes. We want to bring to the NAMM EGO # Thunder, with new 2017 finishes. Target of the day : bring: 1 #Chassis ,  2  #Arm and  2  #Hearth absolutely tonight. Ok if i say # Hearth you know we are talking about  an EGO but …. ARM and CHASSIS? never mind about us… we have the habit of naming the things that surround us. As our work machines, EGO has acquired the names for all its parts. We’ll talk about all parts of EGO but not today ,  we have to apologize but, but as we say in our country: “WE ARE on a snaky way” for the Christmas deliveries. Good music toall and a guitar  always with you! D.

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