-36 Ego series

Hello! Our “little guitar” is very fun to build and assemble. We are now in moments of seriality where we give our best in “performance.” We started with the polishing the #Heart section and the wiring of the electronic compartment. All versions but the #easy are equipped as standard with an effective shielding coating. Ah, but I forgot … Our “Giulia” CNC has returned to its usual routine … changed two balls bearings at nighttime sharing this work with two blondes (beers) and is like brand new!
After eight years and 15,330 hours of hard work on it’s shoulders, it also seems the least care. Now he has to recover a little queque and runs at 90% of its potential. It is normally set at 70% but “” we promised 15 days of rest and relax  in January, when we will be at NAMM. Meanwhile, i am going to introduce all the  mechanical MarconiLAB staff : Giulia (cnc), Gilda (Multi.works), Judith (band saw), Gaia (grading), Giorgia (grinding roller), Gemma (polishing discs), Graziella (rectify ), Giovannoni (lathe), Gloria (drill press), Gabriella (hydraulic press) Greta (wheel). We are romantics , so we named all of our machines with names of women, all with the “G” GUITAR, our Love! After wives and daughters … you want. Tomorrow we hope to be effective on the EGO department. Christmas is sweeping us with its commitments and deadlines. See you tomorrow. Davide.

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