-37 #Heart

Hello guys! St. Lucia is also passed by us … by giving us a birthday gift and a nectar which we know hardly say no. On this day I want to tell you about a very important part of EGO. #HEART By many dubbed Control Box. Without this part of the EGO is dumb and soulless. The beating heart of the EGO  is completely removable, in its interior you can find passive or activ
e controls, according to the needs. The modular concept of EGO makes it unique in design and give you endless possibilities of customization, but not only. The ability to remove such an important part with simplicity, makes easy and economic maintenance. Implement, modify or maintain it will never been so simple. You can decide to dismantle your #HEART for a change, with no need to ship or leave to your luthier the whole
guitar … A nice plus … so economic and easy , do you agree?


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