-38 The last weapons!

Just got full armed  for the latest finishes. As mentioned above (see the knife -41 days) we are in the running with the latest EGO decided to LA. We are very late with this last one and  are trying to do a little miracle. We will keep us to have it because it has all the feature we know many people love , just in one guitar. The base is A EGO #Thunder: 25.5 scale STD scale lenght , Floating Bridge and the very successful configuration Alumitone + A Little Thunder Pick ups. The colors remain Orange & Black race but with the LIFE IS COLOR style, this would be the model 2017 Signature ANDY ALT. How Every Monday of the last two months I have the usua appointment with Amanda English teacher, she tries the miracle and I pray that this will happen. I sure have found an excellent teacher, for a not too smart student.

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