-39 Thank you!

egoicoThank you. On saturnday it happens to take a pause for reflection. In this adventure there are silent protagonists. People who believed in us and who have supported us from the start and in some cases, forever. A Emanuele, our mentor who encouraged and stimulated us in the project, thanks. In my father who is always there and gives a fundamental contribution to the workshop routine, Thanks. to Andy for a stimulating partnership  created and his artistic exuberance. Andrea our  pope and ambassador of   Beauty, Thanks. to Dino for his unwavering faith. A Krzysztof for believing in us from the start, thanks. A Franco our favorite artist who is always available in realtime, Thanks. to Matteo now irreplaceable partner, Thanks. To our wives goes the greatest thanks …without their daily support, everything would be even more difficult, Thanks Simona and Angela. We should thank many, many more and  maybe others but is not the time … This is just to say that things do not just happen, the synergy of minds and events can create something important. Thank you. Davide.

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