-40 and Xmas on the way

dsc_0017Here we are always in a rush. But who dont feel like this at these days!.  40 days to Namm but do not forget Christmas, just what would keep us busy from morning to night. Many deliveries before closing slow us down on predetermined milestones in the day. Daily menu: Guido always in shop with customers  Davide struggling with the body of a freshly milled THUNDER that have absolutely  to be painted. Let us not miss anything in the evening computer SERVER Knockout … we have not yet finished arranging Giulia (see day -41) that other problems comes … this time no mechanical problems but hardware … Well! if we were not convinced of the contrary, we would begin to think those are signals from the SKY.😉  There are also experiments on different bridge setups  for our EGO. Let see yet what will happen tomorrow … Davide.20161210_073452

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