-41 the knife

20161209_194343Here we are! yet sailing in stormy waters. In fact, to -41 from Namm things get complicated. 41 In Grimace Napoletana is the knife. For many years now, our knife is our CNC “Giulia”. Today at the begin of the day sparks were views …. and it was real . One of the spindle bearings Guilia was fault. We will definitely stop Giulia at least for 24 / 48h  … and this sound sounds bad. Today we get a rag to apply the lubricant … but it is clear that a solution must be found as soon as possible.Yesterday with ANDY huge brain storming night on the booth configuration decisions, graphic and forwarding. 20161209_135502By now, many ideas and viewpoints. We simply must bring an EGO with the colors that brought us luck. in US territory but in #lifeiscolor finish …. pity that we only started today …. By the way the #summernight finish (the winner of the contest on FB: EGO at NAMM 2017), is ready …”only” the complete assembly is missing. Tomorrow, we will return by telling of EGO. Guido.

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