-42 days to the NAMM

caffeHello to all. Today the workshop is closed for holidays but we are at full operative. We can not stop a moment. There are still many things to finish and organize. ANDY was  heard during the night to arrange shipment of guitars and equipment for Booth;”booth”…. I recently learned this english word and then use it to in every opportunity, however, ingressoit is the word to say  STAND in US. With the closed shop we have quickly reached our goals. We did take advantage of the customer works and the expiration GOAL with #EASY …. the fresh coming news of 2017 EGO team. But I will not say more, you will have to wait a few more weeks, then we will reveal the details of this new model .Today we have an eye to the work of the new MarconiLAB access …. I would say that the effect is much like a Ranch than we like  See you tomorrow, now lets go home to make the Xmas tree. Davide.

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