-44 days to the NAMM


Hello Dudes! Namm Journal:-44 days to the impact.

We decided to share with you these few days that separate us from this important event. Needless to say we are so excityed for this new adventure. We believe many opportunities will come out from this participation . Overseas, we see a growing interest in our EGO project and we want to give a good impression of us and our “small headless guitar” … so we are deep in the works. So deep that our Guido, last week decided to stop the planer with the hand.guidos-hand
So Guido gains 1000 #YOUROCK painful points and 10 stitches.For your safety i omit the splatter details. As you can imagine this incident is causing significant problems in production and long delays in the deliveries MarconiLAB.com. products  However we do not lose optimism and still working… just a little bit slower. Today production of 6 necks for customers and a dozen paintjobs … I admit countless set-ups … Run away! Time passes … See you soon!



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