-43 Days to the NAMM

Hello friends. Today many goals and deliveries to be respected.


All the EGO stuff is in finishing and painting. Five EGO that will come with us in LA. Six others are under construction for customers … At least one, must be delivered before Christmas. This will be an hard challenge, we thank the Lord for all of this. We begin to be very concerned about Davide’s passport.requested  a month ago and not yet received . 20161207_110411Today we will ask the Police and let’s hope. Without passport we cant receive our visa to enter USA. All EGO necks  are ready, frets only are missing, ….since we do not bring fretless guitars to the NAMM. Guido supported only by one hand is working on the  EGO line with LED lighting and I admit is so cool! Tomorrow is a holiday but we are working. Great opportunities require great efforts.

FB thanks for this gift:#yearinreview2016

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