25 February 2016


#MY Version

— This version has a fixed scale lenght (25.5″)

As all the other, EGO is formed on the typical modular design: chassis, arm, hearth and head.

The EGO module:

  • CHASSIS is the central body, the true frame of the EGO module. Designed to accommodate all the parts available on the EGO catalog. Customizable with regard to materials, finishes, housing and bridges and pickups.
  • ARM is the interchangeable armrest, there are many models to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. various materials and finishes are available with a catalog always updated.
  • HEARTH is the heart of the guitar, a completely interchangeable control panel to never be “out of time” .This slot allows you to quickly change the electronics configuration.
  • HEAD is the special neck with its XXL joint and six mounting points, headless In #Hyper version is offered with multiple scale of 26.6 “to 27.9”, fully customizable in materials, finishes and technical features.

In the #my version you can find:

  • 6 or 7 strings guitars with fixed or floating bridges. Std scale (25.5″)

The Ego guitar has no standard

this example shows the base configuration. Remember that you can configure your own online.

#MY EGOguitar 6


(base selection) this is the defoult  starting point in the dedicated configurator.

  • chassis material: alder
  • Top: none
  • chassis color: Natural matte
  • Pickguard: None
  • Central + pickup: Single lace Alumitone
  • Bridge pickup: HB Lace Alumitone (nero)
  • Bridge: Fisso Fanned 6 string-chrome
  • Heart material: alder
  • Heart color: Natural matte
  • Heart Style: starter (VOL+TONE+3WAY switch)
  • Arm material: alder
  • Arm color: Natural matte
  • Arm – style: Model A
  • screws: Natural ERGAL AL
  • Neck material: maple
  • Neck back shape: fatback
  • Fingerboard: indian rosewood
  • Fingerboard radius: compound radius 10″-16″
  • Frets:  6230
  • Inlays: none
  • nuts: 6 strings chrome
  • bag:EGO bag personalized