25 February 2016


Ego: Discover the modular design

Features,details and tricks of the EGO® project.

Ahead you’ll find our exclusive point of view. Ego as seen from its creators…


Tallone asimmetrico XXL



neck joint

Esclusivo attacco manico


legno manico

-The EGO neck

is characterized by its typical asymmetrical heel XXL joint an by the headless construction, it ensures easy access to the 24th fret and an excellent transmission of vibrations thanks to the wide contact  area and the  6 M6 Ergal ® screws (color: aluminum , black, gold, red, blue, purple).

We have blend the innovative neck joint with an  asymmetric variable back shape  AVS (Asymmetric Variable Shape) that guides the hand of the musician in natural postures further enhancing playability and comfort. Surface preparation is mainly  important where the musician has direct contact with his instrument. Experience has taught us to a specific finishing filler with oils and waxes added that gives a silky feel, soft and very fast for the performer; this choice is unique and amazing you’ll never find anywhere.

The fingerboard of #Super version has fanned fretting  with dedicated multiple string length (from 27.9 “to 26.6”). This technique optimizes the string tension and the  softness giving an unsurpassed feeling. Our not extreme fanned is best for traditional guitarists putting them immediately at ease. For  the drop tuning lovers enables a vibration at low frequencies more natural tone, with no loss of sound and harmonics. To reach the “laser”  setup we implement the  EGO fingerboard with compound radius 10 “-16”. The best setting for those who love speed without losing “grip” on the fingerboard.

The details make the difference: thanks to the secure lock mounted to the top of the handle, Ego can be hung on a guitar stand like a traditional guitar with headstock. Safe and in place!







chassis edited*Chassis

– The EGO body

The true bearing structure hides some great little secret. Designed to be ergonomic, lightweight and highly adaptable, it has many secrets to reveal. Its structure remains unchanged in the three versions available (#My #Super #Hyper), with the ability to accommodate interchangeable parts * Arm, * * Head and Heart.

* Arm: a real interchangeable armrest for a flexibility of design and incomparable comfort. Available in many models.
* Heart: the control box, replaceable to be always up to date, from simple and basic  setup to “full control” active futuristic electronic. All in a single instrument, and with the fast fix  all it’s solderless: just a screwdriver and your connctions will be easy and safe. Available in many models.
* Head: The neck in its various versions 6-7 strings (Fanned or STD Scale) with customizable parameters.
And we can go on..: the neck pickup in EGO configuration, moves back from the traditional position to give space to a position called “Central plus”. This position is the result of studies of dynamics and tone response of the Lace alumitone® pickup series, it gives a clear and sharp sound. In the #Hyper version, installing  “a little Thunder” pickup in the central position plus, the sound becomes powerful and unique thanks to the dubbing of -1 or-2 octaves.  on the strings E-A

We created a simple chassis, to accommodate both, 6 or 7  strings neck to improve the approach to the super custom.



Locking Nuts

Locking Nuts


tremolo edited

The modular concept is the basis of our project even in the choice of the  hardware. It uses the same concept. Thanks to the flexibility of  EGO we needed a system adaptable to most situations and available in different configurations. Ego hardware is able to easily pass from fixed to tremolo bridge and vice versa, and its able to change the scale, going from a multi-scale setup to a conventional standard and even add one or more strings without having to purchase a dedicated new  bridge.

Excellence of the Materials

The main  priority for the overall quality of a project is the choice of materials. This should respond to the characteristics of reliability, robustness and sound. After much research in the mechanical field we have chosen for the EGO line, this exclusive hardware module, which provides us with the best materials: steel and brass all  milled  from solid to ensure a balanced and effective functioning for a long time and, finally to ensure optimum transfer of sound between the strings and the body of the instrument.

The available finishes are CHROME, BLACK and GOLD. Each single piece is first chromed and subsequently treated with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) that, in addition to aesthetically embellish the material to which are applied, also guarantees the duration in time.

Mechanical setup
This system plays  the dual function offered by a normal bridge: first the anchoring of the strings, and then to tune the string ( usually entrusted to the mechanical placed on the headstock) on  traditional instruments. The tuning stability is ensured by the anchoring system that prevents twisting and fraying string.





* Pickups

ponte edited

EGO can mount any pickup 6-7 strings we have it equipped with The Lace Alumitone®.

The Alumitone by Lace have very dynamic characteristics, expression, and have low background noise. Great for multiple styles, are strictly passive and splittable. Design and very modern look. Their aluminum chassis is very light. Don Lace and his staff have bewitched and now their Alumitone are the standard pickups for the whole line.

The position of the pick-up housings has been calibrated considering the use of deathbucker® alumitone.

Pickups are aggressive but also very dynamic … do not be impressed from the name!

In #Hyper version (model dedicated to innovations) we have as standard in the “central position plus” a really magic and amazing pickup called  “A Little Thunder” ® A pick-up completely revolutionary and patented. A Little Thunder ™  maximize the bass frequencies on the guitar. A coil picks the sound of all six strings, the other picks  just the sound for the strings (E & A) and processes it with an internal signal processor, to -1 or -2  octaves. Again…. we loved this innovative project from our friend Andy Alt and we wanted to equip our guitars flagships #Hyper with his crazy pickup. For this sound does not need any extra string! Find out more.