27 February 2016


Welcome to the new world EGOguitar®!

The EGO® project starts from the desire to produce very different instruments using a common module. Combining the single parts in many  different ways you will get endless versions this guitar. The customization is mandatory for a musician and EGO® project is the solution for a new and modern custom experience.

EGO® world has 6 e 7 strings guitars and basses 4-5-6 srings . Every  EGO® instrument  is  available in three versions:

  • EGO #My  the main characteristic of this version is to have a fixed standard scale lenght  of 25.5″- 468mm
  • EGO #Super  This model has a multiple scale lenght (fanned) .
  • EGO #Hyper  This model has a multiple scale lenght (fanned)  Special materials selection and exclusive accesories and option available only for this version.

All  this versions are valid for  guitars, basses. All models could be ordered lefty with no charge.







Interchangeable ARM Yes Yes Yes
Interchangeable Heart Yes Yes Yes
Headless neck Yes Yes Yes
Fanned fingerboard No Yes Yes
Full access bolt on neck Yes Yes Yes
Variable asymmetric shape Opt Opt Yes
Compound radius 10>16″ Opt Yes Yes
Double action truss rod+bars Yes Yes Yes
Modular fixed bridge Yes Yes Yes
Modular floating bridge Opt Opt Yes
LED Side dots No No Yes
Angel eye dots Yes Yes Yes
Top Opt Opt Yes
Alumitone® pickups Yes Yes Yes
A little thunder®  pickup Opt Opt Yes
Ergal allen screws Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Guitar stand Opt Opt Yes
EGO bag Yes Yes Yes