24 February 2016

What is EGO?

EGO is the innovative project by MarconiLAB™. A new way of thinking an electric instrument, but above all to conceive it. The core of this project is the use of innovative design and manufacturing techniques. The EGO Line was born from a sketch on paper dreaming on an highly customizable modular instrument. From a simple two-dimensional drawing to a 3D professional CAD design, to get a modern and unique instrument. CNC machining have been mandatory in order to replicate an instrument  with complex modular joints, and in this way  were built the first four prototypes of EGO. After six months of hard tests in the capable hands of Emanuele Bodo (guitarist) and Dino Fiore (Bassist) , strengths and weaknesses were highlighted. Thanks to their skills and our knowledge  gained in almost twenty years of violin making in construction,repair and custom, we gone beyond the limits creating EGOguitar.


EGO module is based on four key concepts:

  • Functionality
    Ease of use is essential in order to love an instrument. EGO was created to be user friendly. Everything inspires  functionality, from the mechanical setup, to its playability and its easy customization. Playing EGO is a revolutionary experience, mount building and customizing it is almost a game, maintenance is fast and intuitive.
  • Innovation
    As you admire at its design you can imagine the desire for new shapes. Watching and playing EGO, you understand the difference. First of all, the innovative headless neck : compound radius and variable asymmetric shape with 6 interlocking XL ergal screws. The Body (called CHASSIS) is light and comfortable and thanks to the interchangeable armrest module (ARM)  offers, a  customizable look and also ergonomics tailored to player  postures. The control box module (called HEART) is interchangeable, offers the unique possibility  of moving from simple passive electronics to a more complex model with rich controls only by unscrewing the block and without soldering. The voice of the EGO is entrusted to the large well-known Alumitone® pickup  by Lace™, that brings dynamic response and clear sound . The frequency response  of these pickups makes EGO versatile and mouldable to you taste.
  • customization
    With EGO, the custom design enters a new era. Fully customizable , EGO satisfies the need for uniqueness. With a lot of dedicated and interchangeable parts, the module offers unlimited technical and stylistic possibilities that allow us to state with certainity that the EGO line definitively leaves the concept of Standard trailing behind. To make this possible we created on line product configurators, dedicated to various models, giving the customer  the  amazing experience of immediate instrument building, with clear options and final price. The parts catalog is in continuous growth and updated to meet as many requirements as possible.
  • Comfort
    Is the Key feature in developing the right feeling with your own instrument. The architecture based on 3D virtualization allows EGO to go beyond the limits of standard instruments. In the design phase, much time was dedicated to the neck. To this we applied the  innovation of the compound  radius and asymmetric variable shape bound to the fan fretting , we projected an internal structure to increase the stiffness of the stiffness of the neck. This increased the response of the neck and more gave a  linear and responsive fretboard playability ,very smooth from the nut to the end of the neck. EGO is also light weighing less than 2,5 Kg (88 Oz.).

…We could go on about it forever, but you’re probably dying to try one!