The modular system of the T4M® bridge has allowed to develop a saddle in high-performance PLA material with a piezo electric sensor inside. Developed in our laboratories after a long period of field tests, we have obtained the possibility to adopt the highest quality piezo saddles on all T4M® bridges for guitar and bass. Precise, sensitive and with an excellent response even on low frequencies. Trivially they are recognized by their black color but we went beyond this frivolity. Built and designed to work best even on critical bridges such as floating, they are managed by a dedicated electronics that makes them very hot but with a typical attack of the system, to complete their versatility we have made them compatible and ready to MIDI. On the control box there will be a mini ON / OFF switch and the dedicated volume to better mix the magnetic pickup line with the piezo section. Interactive stereo output automatically selects the output; if the musician inserts a stereo Y cable the system will divide the acoustic sound from the sound of magnetic pickups into two separate lines. Conversely, if the needs are simpler and more immediate, by inserting a traditional mono jack automatically the two signals are mixed on a single output. Simple and EGO.®

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