Control Box mod. Starter LIC Summer Night Finish

The true heart of the EGO. In a romantic way we have christened it HEART. Without it EGO could not
play (live). Many call it: Contol Box or “Cartridge”, capturing the essence of the modular
philosophy. And that was exactly what we wanted. A guitar with one or more cores or simply with a
great simplicity of intervention.
Imagine sending only a single part or parts for repair, maintenance or updating … it would be far
less expensive and virtually painless and stress free, don’t you think?

Surprise … an Ego Heart

Fundamental to obtaining different sound solutions. It allows you to choose from multiple technical
configurations and stylistic options. Everything at your fingertips: passive or active controls,
simple or futuristic electronics such as the HyperSwitch®.

M3 aluminium bolt Military grade

There are 10 models, but we are constantly evolving thanks to the
continuous contributions and feedback from our musicians, always very demanding. In the EGO
philosophy, this component can also be removed to facilitate routine or extensive maintenance.
Easily interchangeable in case of damage.

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