The adjustment of the neck is assisted by a double action truss rod with
heel adjustment. It is supported by two square box-shaped aluminum bars
that stabilize the asymmetrical neck assembly. In addition to stability,
longevity, versatility and ease of maintenance are design requirements
throughout the entire EGO line. The truss can be removed without any
invasive intervention. The extraction is very simple. Obviously this would
not be considered a routine maintenance item, in normal conditions it is an
unnecessary action, however, if needed it is an option that could save a lot
of money. After removing the strings and removing the neck from the
chassis, it is necessary to return the truss to the neutral position (Trig 0).
Subsequently with the same adjustment screw, using it as a lever, it is
possible to extract the truss rod completely from its seat. In this example it
would be extraordinary maintenance. There is really no logical reason to
remove the truss rod, and it is not recommended for anything short of a
major mechanical malfunction. We would prefer the first call in a
mechanical failure situation be to our technical department. If at that time
our tech instructs you to remove the truss rod, proceed. Spare parts are
always available in the Store Spare parts section. Simple, fast and cheap.
We don’t ever want your EGO to experience a mechanical failure, car
crash, or Alien abduction! Stuff happens though, please contact us. The
aliens are probably just curious about your EGO, they are jealous and want
to know where they can get one! Just tell them to click the Contact US tab!

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