Choices. Materials are essential to create functional objects. The EGO® module allows you to match different essences together to play with: weights, densities and vibrations. Not just design but a real frequency equalizer. Using the Chassis, Arm and Hearth components with different characteristics, different essences, very different frequency responses can be achieved. The same goes for Wavy three-piece necks, often used with high density woods to improve stiffness and performance.

Match Chassis+Hearth

Maple, eyelet maple, Canadian maple, cedar, makassar, mahogany, Indian rosewood, alder, santos rosewood, wenge, swamp ash, just to name a few and create the suggestion of possible “matches”. Then there is the poplar. The essence we selected for the EGO Standard. A sonically balanced Neutral material that is very suitable for this purpose. We only use it in the roasted version to increase its density and improve its mechanical properties increasing stability and solidity. To obtain softer response frequencies you can use: mahogany, curly maple and one piece construction methods. The fretboards the Standard selection, are constructed of Eco friendly Richlight, to obtain a perfect and long-lasting grinding.

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