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EGO® # Hyper

Neck: available in the version with Standard scale 25.5″ – 648mm or in the multi tuning fork version 26.6 “> 27.9”.

Characterized by the Headless characteristics of the EGO® line: XXL asymmetrical heel. Truss road double action reinforced with fully removable carbon fiber bars. Asymmetric neck & AVS shape: asymmetric handle, total access for solo performances associated with AVS (asymetric variable shape) supports the musician’s hand in more natural postures, further improving comfort even in the most technical passages. PICKup on the neck: GMR OnNeck the special dedicated PICKup No coil system with a strong and dynamic acoustic voice. The pick up at its headquarters serves as a truss-road compartment cover. Secure Lock, EGO® can be stored on a guitar stand like a traditional guitar with a headstock. Safe and in its place.
ACCOMPANIMENTS:the various parts of the EGO® module are secured with titanium aeronautical fixings that allow tenacious and functional tightening For the various components, M3-M4 -M6are used with tightening torque M (N / m) 5.20×13 .Lightness and strength together.
BRIDGE:in collaboration with T4M® we have obtained a bridge dedicated to Hyper. Weights and architecture rebalanced for an operation dedicated to a lightened instrument. Fixed or mobile, STD and Multi scale all with movement on ball bearings. PICK-ups: In bridge and middle position, available single and HB SIIS no coil full range ® are the brand new active pickups created specifically for the Hyper model. Designed and developed in our LAB, characterized by a defined and real sound, an incredible attack and no background noise. CHASSIS: Futuristic composite structure, greater strength and lightness. The chassis is built with multi-layer American ash and carbon fiber naval extraction technology. ARM pod: 5 models available to shape your EGO® on your needs. CONTROL Box: allows you to choose between multiple technical and stylistic options. everything at your fingertips: passive or active controls, simple or futuristic electronic such as HyperSwitch®. NFC: Innovation, approach your smartphone with the proximity sensor (NFC) turned on and discover: SN, month and year of production, certificate of ownership / passages, technical characteristics, photos of model details, maintenance program and history.