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  • EGO Hyper 6 Army

    The unmistakable EGO Hyper Army. Implemented the pickup at the handle with an innovative No-coil technology that gives a very natural sound. In this version bridge with six piezo saddles ready to midi. Unique look: Matte military green, black and kevlar. 
  • Ego Hyper 6 LSD

    This version combines the most advanced features typical of the #Hyper series with the elegance and uniqueness typical of #ART models. It has the most useful and important features, to have an instrument with infinite sound possibilities. Each model of this series is compatible with all accessories and upgrades.

  • EGO Mine 6 “Nat Race”

    Ego #Mine 6 Nat-RAce This Ego is from the “Mine” series with cutting-edge features but with a great attention to simplicity.Handle with variable profile, pick ups Lace Alumitone, bridge with bearings…. all with a racing look with carbon details and a hi-gloss natural red finish that recalls tradition.

  • EGO Mine 6 S

    EGO #Mine 6 S An Ego in a didactic guise. This version has in itself all the essential features of the model #Mine with a courseual look.Tremolo, Lace pickup, handle with AVS® shape and the unmistakable carbon fiber pickguard.