EGO Mine 6

Ego #Mine 6 This Ego is from the “Mine” series with cutting-edge features but with a great attention to simplicity. Handle with variable profile, pick ups Lace Alumitone, bridge with bearings…. all with a modern look with great attention to detail, Orange drop finish and Racing red Hi-gloss. Nothing is left to chance.

Available in 6 month

Deposit : 1,000$ Per item

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Ego #Mine 6 This Ego is from the “Mine” series modern, simple and … Only. Details in Ergal and chromatic contrasts make it aesthetically eclectic and very bold. Standard tuning fork 25.5″ for 6 strings. Keyboard with variable radii, 0 titanium frets. The sound is entrusted to two Deathbucker Alumitone pickups by LACE, defined and dynamic. Fixed bridge in brass and stainless steel milled from solid, with robotic technologies. The tuning takes place from the bridge in a fluid way thanks to all the couplings on bearings. Hyper low action with the possibility of stretched string adjustment with the exclusive drum system. Rounded back handle with variable asymmetric profile (AVS), follows the rotation of the shoulder marking a turning point in the way of thinking about comfort. It pairs with the body with our asymmetrical handle interlocking: the only one capable of giving the hand the feeling of an infinite handle.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Anti theft




Race orange



Neck back shape


Electronic ID


Body Material


Neck wood

Fret board material


Strings #

Gmr neck pickup


Fret board radius


Piezo sensor

Neck technology

Reinforced standard


Audio output