MarconiLAB™ is a Violin Making Laboratory born in 2002 from the idea of Davide Torriani & Guido Brancalion.
From the Foundation to today, the mission has always been to design and build dedicated Custom instruments, to meet the unprecedented requests of our musicians. The experience, over the years, in building and modifying existing tools, has been fundamental in our professional growth. In this way, working closely with artists of various musical backgrounds, we have met multiple requests in the fields: style, technique, comfort and architecture of the instruments.

"I think every guitarist has something unique in his or her playing. Everyone has to identify what makes them different, unique and develop it."


For us, this famous phrase has always been a source of great inspiration, creating in an unconscious way, the ring between the musician and his instrument. The privilege of "Forging" these characteristics that make a musician different and unique, has put the cornerstone of the EGO® project. Born spontaneously, probably long before its debut in 2015 in Frankfurt, simply as a sketch on paper imagining a futuristic and avant-garde instrument.
The Alchemy of putting in the same project: uniqueness, technology and style is by its nature a company that needs great skills in different sectors. In collaboration with the best partnerships in the sector and with the participation of trained musicians, including: Emanuele Bodo, Carmine Migliore, Akihiko Onji, Krzysztof Błaś the EGO guitar, easily malleable on the characteristics of the musician is today an easily recognizable and recognized reality at high levels : NAMMshow , Boutique Guitar Showcase , Musikmesse.


EGO® the innovative MarconiLAB project: a new way of conceiving the electric instrument. The most modern design and construction techniques are the foundation of this idea. From design to 3D CAD to CNC machining, they have been instrumental in replicating an instrument with complex modular joints.
The EGO MODULE is based on four key concepts:

  • Feature

fundamental to ensure that the musician falls in love with it. EGO was created to be simple and friendly. Each of its parts speaks of functionality, from mechanical adjustments, to playability, up to ease in customization. Playing EGO is a revolutionary experience, mounting and customizing it is almost a game, ordinary maintenance is fast and intuitive.

  • Innovation

Taking a look at its design you can sense the desire for renewal, observing it and playing it you understand how it differs. For example, in the innovative headless handle: conpound radius and shape with variable symmetry, with XL interlocking with six anchor points and ergal screws. The Body (called CHASSIS), light and comfortable thanks to the interchangeable armrest (ARM) section, offers, in addition to customization with regard to the look, also the possibility of ergonomics designed on your posture. The section of the control box (called HEARTH), also interchangeable, offers the unique possibility of switching from a simple passive electronic guitar to a more complex and rich model of controls, all by simply unscrewing the block and without the need for welding. The voice of the EGO is entrusted to the highly appreciated Alumitone pickups by Lace®, which give an excellent result in terms of dynamic response and sound cleanliness. The flat EQ of these magnetic transducers makes the EGO versatile and adaptable to the character of your music.

  • Customization

With the EGO module, custom enters a new era. Fully customizable, it exclusively satisfies the need for uniqueness. With its countless dedicated and interchangeable parts, the module offers infinite technical and stylistic possibilities, so much so that it can be said that the EGO line definitively leaves the concept of Standard, giving space to 360 ° customization. The various possibilities are suggested by configurators dedicated to the various models, which make the experience of building your own tool immediate, fun and useful thanks to the direct quote. The catalog of optional parts is constantly growing and updating, to meet the multiple possible needs.

  • Comfort

This is another fundamental feature that allows you to develop the right feeling with your instrument. The architecture designed in a 3D virtuous environment allows EGO to reach settings that are difficult to reach by tools with more traditional constructions. At the design stage, a lot of time was devoted to the handle. In addition to the innovations of the multiple radius and the variable shape on fanned technology, a structure has been created to further stiffen it. This element allows you to have, in addition to a greater sound response, also a perfectly linear keyboard for a very similar playability, from the keycap to the end of the neck.
Finally, EGO lowers the threshold of 2.5 kg; thanks to its ergonomic, compact and balanced shape, it ranks among the super light guitars.