Dogal: the definitive strings!

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Not a detail but an essential component. After years of research to find the best solution for the characteristics of the headless guitar, we have reached our destination. Not alone, but with the help of a team that was fundamental in finding the best solution and material. We relied on musicians of the caliber of Carmine Migliore, Emanuele Bodo and Davie Borello for what concerns field tests, reliability, durability and choice of materials. Having identified the best set of strings for the characteristics just mentioned, we just had to make it work best with the EGO architecture. Being a Headless instrument the forces at play on the string are quite heavy. The traction is linear, this means that a string wound and "closed" in the standard way is not sufficient, there is the risk that the winding will stretch or worse that the closing windings of the pellet will fray. The historic Venetian brand DOGAL supported us right from the start by putting all its knowledge and experience into play, creating sets dedicated to the EGO models, reinforced at the ball but above all at the critical point of tightening the string lock to the handle. The starting suit is a carbon stell with 010/46 gauge, the substantial modifications are a wrapping of cotton thread at the tightening height of the rope lock, to obtain resistance and friction especially for the uncoated ropes.

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