EGO Stile 6 Extender

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  • Sound materials and revolutionary choices: Xtended

The character of EGO instruments condensed into a single model. Materials and technology that revolutionize the concept of the guitar.

This unique model was designed to increase the sound extension of the guitar without adding strings and without distorting the tuning fork.

Thanks to two Extender sensors on the lowest strings (E-A) they allow you to add a signal lowered by 1 octave to the last 2 strings, low E and A. The signal quality is double that of the CD quality.

The uniqueness of the EGO sound was shaped through careful selection of structures; the Xtended model is built with tone chambers and resonance panels, experience the new EGO sound!


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EGO® STILE, matter at the service of sound.

The perfect synergy between the components recreates an elegant symphony: materials and electronics contribute to structural efficiency and an unparalleled sound signature.

If we were to talk about the Soul of the Instrument, it would definitely be the MAINFRAME.


Without this component, the instrument would lose its essential functionality, similar to the core of a bowed instrument, it is crucial to its structure and performance.

But what are we talking about? Innovation which revolutionizes the creation of electrical connections inside the instrument. The wiring is resolved within the MAINFRAME with a central ground plane with cable-free technology, giving a detailed sound free of spurious frequencies. The conductors are engraved on a single electrical circuit, the signals now have resistances assigned and dedicated to the type of coil used. Effectively eliminating external electrical interference. Its robustness contributes to the structure of the body, organically integrating audio connections and accessories on board. This innovation represents a real turning point in the audio and musical panorama. EGO® is the only instrument that adopts this technology, borrowed from the world of Hi-Fi.


The double frame is designed to create a single integrated structure, this means that the MAINFRAME top, the frame and the external fairings are combined into a single unit contributing to greater overall rigidity and lightness. Its complex structure defines the best sound response for magnetic transducers.

The MAG (magnitude) material created to vibrate is made of synthetic materials with high density wood and glass fibers. This structure has also often been used in the Hi-Fi world as sound panels for sound diffusion. Everything to conduct and manage the vibrations of the instrument.

  • GMR3 transducer

Designed and built in our LAB, the GMR£ is placed in the position of maximum vibration of the string, the third generation GMR Magnetic sensor is designed to detail the sound in its acoustic component. You won't be able to believe its performance, a true Full range with crazy dynamics and unconventional spatiality. Activated via an ON/OFF mini switch, it can be added to any selection of traditional pick ups and managed thanks to a dedicated volume.

  • Magnetic pick ups

  Setup with a single Seymour Duncan Custom SH-11 neck pick up.

The Custom Custom humbucker offers that familiar Alnico 2 warmth, along with rich midrange harmonics. The result is a humbucker that sounds full and sweet, and has a low-mid range growl that really brings chords to life. The Custom Custom has a fuller treble response than any other pickup, giving solos a smooth, rounded singing quality. Great for adding fullness and warmth to any humbucker-equipped instrument. Combined with the GMR3 on the neck it gives musicality and an acoustic opening that perfectly matches the model with the best audio performance in the range.

  • Range Extenders

This technology allows you to add a signal lowered by 1 octave to the last 2 strings, low E and A. The signal quality is double that of the CD quality. The shifted signal can be mixed to the original guitar sound in any ratio you want. It can be configured to shift the signal by the desired number of semitones, to create "power chords" and automatic harmonies. TO THE. algorithm: If multiple strings are played together, the built-in DSP artificial intelligence decides how much effect to apply to each string to preserve all good-sounding harmonics. This is truly a revolution and one of the most advanced features we have ever introduced.

  • Headless components

Designed to last and always be perfect. Robust, functional construction with micrometric adjustments to always obtain the best setup. Brass, stainless steel and titanium bridge milled from solid with robotic technologies and leveling bubble for quick setup. Tuning takes place from the bridge in a fluid manner thanks to all couplings on ball bearings. Possibility of tight rope adjustment with the exclusive drum system. Interchangeable blades to keep the instrument always balanced over time. Inertial mass with 3 different positions, springs with blocked STD stiffness, to obtain less play and noise. The rope lock is made of brass and steel, light and functional, it can accommodate traditional or double ball ropes.

  • Headless "Wavy" Neck

Designed to be the best. All our twenty years of experience in the sector is condensed into this fundamental component.

The Diapason STD 25.5" makes it immediately friendly with the Plus of a division into 2 complete octaves. 24 frets model 6105 Jumbo size M in steel alloy and "Ghost" side slot on a Richlite composite fingerboard. Neck with headless concept to make the compact and balanced instrument, 6 tightening points via aeronautical 7075 Aluminum screws with metric pitch. XXL asymmetric heel to increase the support surface with the body, its typical "fin" avoids longitudinal rotation. Removable double action truss rod from the heel for maintenance or replacement. A.V.S. profile (variable and asymmetric) gives unparalleled geometry and comfort. The construction is managed in 3 pieces with fiber inversion and a new concept with Programmed Wave processing (Wavy Neck), for obtain greater rigidity where needed and the right elasticity for correct adjustment

Ultimately: STILE Xtended is dedicated to artists who love to experiment by going beyond the traditional guitar, reinventing new musical contexts, always with Style.


Data sheet

Number of strings
Type for headless on the bridge
Neck construction
3 Pcs, Programmed wave with resilience
Neck back shape
Asymmetric Variable Shape (AVS)
Canadian Maple / Rosted Maple / Canadian Maple
24 Steel alloy 18% Nickel Size XL mod 6100 Jumbo (0fret in Titanium)
Special inlays
Fret board
Richlite® Dark
Fretboard radius
Compound radius 10"/16"
Truss rod
Double action extractable
Secure lock
Dedicated for Headless
2 Pcs In composite MAG
AcrLite Stone
T4M® 6 Strings Hardtail, Chrome
Neck pickup
GMR3® Acustix
Extended Range sensors
Sensors on the Strings (low E/A)
Seymour Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom
Acoustic sensor
Pickup switch
3 Ways
Audio output
Dual Split Stereo
Tracking System
App EGOgarage
Special Mentions
108.65 Oz
Headless Guitar L31.50 Inch l12.60 Inch t4.70 Inch
No pickguard

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